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Elizabeth believes that the use of resources as if they are infinite can no longer continue given the damage to our wonderful world. In the belief that small changes matter she offers the idea of all artists (singers, actors and so on) signing up to a code of trying to make these changes in their everyday life and work. Artists who make this commitment then have the right to be called EcoArtists. Elizabeth hopes to have a logo artists can use shortly. If the scheme is a success she also hopes to introduce an accreditation for Arts Organisations too.

Becoming an Eco Artist

Artists who commit to the following will be able to call themselves EcoArtists and if they wish, be listed on the EcoArtist webpage. To, wherever possible and practical (understanding that the needs of artists can be complex):

  • Use public transport rather than taxis or cars
  • Get the train instead of fly
  • Switch off dressing room lights, including mirror lights, when not using them
  • Avoid bottled water
  • Turn off or not charge mobile phone over the whole night
  • Avoid keeping appliances, computers etc on standby
  • Re-use towels in hotels
  • Recycle waste wherever facilities exist
  • Try and reduce waste
  • Think twice and bear in mind the environmental consequences of actions in everyday life

As this is a new scheme, I would welcome your feedback on these terms. If you wish to comment or join the EcoArtists scheme please email

If joining, please state whether you would like to be listed online and if so, with what text eg. Elizabeth Watts, Soprano

Here’s to a better world!

EcoArtists, committed to doing what they can

Lee Bisset, Soprano
Nigel Foster, Pianist
Christopher Gould, Pianist
Terry Miller, Painter, Poet
Rachel Nicholls, Soprano
Paul Plummer, Vocal Coach
Elizabeth Watts, Soprano
Richard Wiegold, Bass